4th Grade Theme: Responsibility and Service

To contact Mrs. Wickboldt:  lwickboldt@rcseaglesonline.org
To contact Mrs. Potter:  wpotter@rcseaglesonline.org
Important Information:
  •  Girls need to wear solid, navy uniform bottoms to Chapel on Wednesday.
  •  Please email both teachers if your child will be absent or leaving early.
  •  Students should not be in the classroom in the mornings until they are dismissed from E-Commons at 8:15.  This is our time to  prepare for the upcoming day.  Tardy bell rings at 8:30.
  •  No students are allowed to come back to the room during carpool for supplies/books/homework.  Please see either Mrs. Potter or Mrs. Wickboldt AFTER carpool to let you in the room.
  •  If you would like to schedule a conference with us, please email us.  We will let you know the time we are available.  Our conference  time is 10:15-11:15.  If you are unable to meet during our planning time, please email us so we can make other arrangements.
  •  A direct link to the RCS News is: (http://www.rcseagles.org/preview.aspx?name=rcs.weeklynews)


Speed Drill -
No more speed drills this year.

Spatial Reasoning
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Texas History/Science
We are studying Earth's resources.  Students are learning about renewable and nonrenewable resources and how we can be good stewards of God's resources.  Students will create a new logo for recycling as a major project grade. 


Field Day: 
Friday, May 19th
Wear sunscreen and bring backpacks and MOOSE

Awards Day: 
Wednesday, May 24 
Grades 3-4 

Last Day:
Friday, May 26
Splash Day
Early Dismissal Day

Uniform Policy Reminder
       *  Skirt Length should be at the knee even if the student is wearing leggings.
* Hair for boys should be neat, combed, not below the collar, eyebrows or midear. No hats in the building during the school day.
* Long sleeve undershirts/t-shirts/turtlenecks may be worn as layering pieces. Approved colors are white, grey, black, navy or red.
* Girls are not allowed to wear plaid skirts on Chapel days.


We will be learning:

Good and Evil
Courage or Cowardice: The Talents and Revelations
Memory Verse

Eph. 6:10

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might.

Test Tuesday May 23rd


Guided Reading:
Our main goal for 4th grade reading is to comprehend what we are reading.  Students are finishing their novels and creating a plan for a webpage design used to market their novels online.

IXL Classwork:

Students are assigned IXL as a station during Guided Reading.  If your child does not finish his/her IXL classwork in school, it will be assigned as homework. To complete the assignment, your child needs to go to IXL.com and login.  Then, he/she will choose the assignment under Language Arts. IXL assignments will be counted as reading daily grades. 

Reading Log:   All answers to questions must be written in a complete sentence.  Writing needs to be in cursive. 

Accelerated Reader:     Students will be reading AR books to reach their goals, and they will be rewarded for meeting their goals. Below you will find the link for the student and parent login.  

AR Student Login

AR Parent  (You can monitor your child's progress.  Login with regular student login and password.)

9-weeks AR celebrations:

4th: favorite sport day on May 25 (students wear sport shirt and hat with RCS bottoms)


Students will write a compare/contrast paragraph.

Cursive Writing
Students are expected to complete all work in cursive.  If your child needs to practice, there are several online resources available. Please click on the links below for access to printable cursive practice pages.




We will be working on using appropriate writing conventions.

DOL: Daily Oral Language
Every day your child completes a Daily Oral Language page and checks it with the class. On Wednesdays, we will have a quiz over the previous week's work. 


VOCAB - Links

The students are keeping a packet in their leave-in-moose pocket. They will still do vocabulary notecards for the words that go with the packet.  At the end of the week, they will turn in their packet for a daily grade.

Vocabulary Quiz every Friday -  
Next week it will be on Thursday.

Graded packets will come home Thursday. 

If you study with your child, sign the packet and they will get +5 on their quiz.


 Don't Forget

*Check this webpage daily for possible updates.

***The secret word is not updated until Thursday after school. (around 5 o'clock)


If you'd like to see the RCS volunteer opportunities, click the link and sign up in the areas you are interested in https://rcseagles.ivolunteer.com - check back often for new opportunities.


Secret Word:  Splash Day