Fourth Grade

May 18th- 22nd


  • Sneak-a-Peek will be on Monday at 2:30. See the weekly email for the Zoom meeting details.
  • Awards Ceremony via Zoom for Christian Character Awards and Specials Awards: Wednesday, 5/20 - 4th Grade at 7:00pm
  • Fourth Grade Reunion via Zoom on Thursday at 3:00. See the weekly email for Zoom meeting details.
  • Textbook drop-off and school supplies pick-up will be on the last day of school on Friday, May 22nd

Last Name A-M: Drop off 11a-12pm

Last Name N-Z: Drop off 1p-2p

Families with different last names will pick up based on the oldest child’s last name.

  • Chapel: Remember to watch this week's chapel message by going to the Quick Links section.

Quick Links

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Seesaw Class

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Monday English 4

1. Watch this video: Fourth Grade Memories

2. Complete the Memories Activity: Seesaw Link

3. In Seesaw click on the journal tab. Look for any notes, comments, or grades I sent back to you.

Wednesday English 4

1. In Seesaw click on the journal tab. Look for any notes, comments, or grades I sent back to you.

2. (Optional) Complete the Letter to Next Year's Teacher Activity if you haven't already: Seesaw Link




Monday Reading

1. Complete the Blog Activity: Seesaw Link

2. Read the Blog in Seesaw and leave comments for your classmates.

Wednesday Reading

1. Read and respond to comments in the Blog : Seesaw Link

2. Join us tonight for awards on Zoom at 7 p.m. See email for Zoom login information.


Social Studies

Monday: Chapter 13: Lesson 1 Prelude to War

  1. Watch the lesson: L.1 Prelude to War
  2. Complete "Chpt.13 L.1 Prelude to War" Activity: Seesaw Link

Wednesday: Choose a Chapter to Review :D

  1. Chapter 10 - Texas Colonies click here for text
  2. Chapter 12 - Conflict in Texas: Click here for text



IXL grading:

Your grade in the grade book will mirror your IXL score. If you score a 100 on IXL, then you wiIl have a 100 in the grade book. If you score an 85, then you will have an 85 in the grade book.

Tuesday: Topic 12-2 Using Customary Units of Capacity

  1. Watch "Land of Gallon" Click here
  2. complete "Secret Juice Recipe" Activity: Seesaw Link

Thursday: Topic 12-3 Using Customary Units of Weight

  1. Watch the lesson, "Using Customary Units of Weight: Visual Learning": Click here
  2. Complete IXL N.3



Tuesday: Review Chapter 9 - Weathering and Erosion

Thursday: Review Chapter 10 - The Earth's Resources




(May 22nd) It's the last day of school. I'm praying you all enjoy your summer. You can spend this time praying for your classmates. Use Seesaw to make a list of your classmates. Say a prayer for each them. See you at textbook Drop-off!

Mrs. Broad

Click on ART LESSON for this week's lesson.

Mrs. Friedel

Ms. Briner

Click on MUSIC for this week's lesson

Coaches Marlar & Barber


Friday: What's Your Name is our final PE workout for the year!

Click on the instructions on the What's Your Name document. Spell out your full name and complete the activity listed for each letter. Get a family member to join along with you and get after it!

Click Here for What's Your Name

Elementary PE Workout 5/8/2020

Time to try a HIIT Workout! HIIT stands for high intensity interval training so workouts like these aren't long but they are INTENSE! Try this beginner level workout and then you could possibly search for more challenging workouts in the future. Do your best to follow the times on each exercise and rest periods. Have fun and get after it!

Secret Words:

"I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me" (Philippians 4:13)


Hand sanitizer

Treasure box: small items such as small balls, small toys, ...


Treasure box: small items such as small balls, small toys, ...

Donations needed: baby wipes and paper towels