Fourth Grade

August 14th - 23rd

Quizzes/Tests and Major Projects

August 28th - Recite Bible Verse Quiz (Proverbs 3:1-2 ESV)


Important Dates

Dash Day - Friday, August 30 during Specials and P.E. Students will need to bring a change of clothes.

RCS Theme Days K-5

August 23 (Friday) - Favorite Sport or Team Day

September 6 (Friday) - Superhero Day

September 20 (Friday) - RCS Spirit Day (Homecoming)

October 31 (Thursday) - Crazy Hair Day

November 15 (Friday) - Mismatched Day

December 19 (Thursday) - Crazy Hat and “Festive” Wear

January 17 (Friday) - Onesie Day

February 14 (Friday) - Valentine’s Day Festive Wear

February 28 (Friday) - Western Wear

March 2 (Monday) - Dr. Seuss Dress-up Day

April 9 (Thursday) - Color Day (Gospel Colors) 4th Grade - Purple (Royalty)

May 15 (Friday) - College Shirt Day

Field Trips

Washington on the Brazos Field Trip - Nov. 20th

Taste of Texas Field Trip - April 28th

Dress Code

Skirts: All uniform skirts must be the 'At the knee' or 'Below the knee' style. Skirts may be up to 2" above the knee as ladies grow throughout the school year, but skirts shorter than 2" above the knee are not permitted.

Shorts: All uniform shorts, including PE shorts, must be no more than 2” above the knee. Shorts shorter than 2” above the knee are not permitted.

Friday Dress: Students may wear RCS spirit shirts or Christian t-shirts with approved uniform bottoms.

Dress for Chapel

Kindergarten - 4th Grade

  • Top: Red polo (or dress) with RCS logo
  • Bottom: Khaki (no plaids)
  • Shoes: Everyday shoe guidelines apply

Elementary Chapel is on Wednesdays 8:15-8:50 a.m. Please join us anytime!



Theme: Good vs. Evil

Introduction to Job

Weekly Memory Verse Quiz on Wednesdays (No quiz this week)

Proverbs 3:1-2

"My son, do not forget my teaching, but let your heart keep my commandments,

for length of days and years of life and peace they will add to you.

Chapel Verse Leaders: August 21- Devyn Gay, Matthew Ash

August 28 -Preston Geil, Amabel Brown



-Benchmark Assessment

-Follow procedures for learning centers

-Set up math spiral notebook

-Review & expand knowledge of place value



-Recording minutes on our Reading Log

-Following procedures when using the classroom library

-Setting AR Goals

-Novel Introduction

Homework: Reading Logs are due every Monday. 80 minutes of reading at home is required with a parent signature next to the total each week. If Monday is a holiday, logs will be due the next school day. If reading logs aren't listed in Renweb or in planner, then we are skipping the log for that week.

Your child should be reading at home to meet reading log requirements and to reach their AR Goal.

AR Parent Link

Below is schedule for 9-weeks AR celebrations:

1st: Oct. 18 Popsicles

2nd: Jan. 10 spy pen (bought with Scholastic Dollars)

3rd: March 20 Cupcakes (during lunch)

4th: May 21 Free dress day


Social Studies

-Introduction to Texan symbols and Texas Pledge

-Friday, August 23rd: Texas Pledge quiz

Texas Pledge

Honor the Texas flag;

I pledge allegiance to thee,

Texas, one state under God,

one and indivisible.

-Cover INB (Interactive Notebook)



Not this week



-Using dictionary guide words to locate the definition; part of speech; and sample sentence for a vocabulary word according to its meaning in the novel

-Applying the dictionary definition by writing our own sentence using the word correctly; appropriately illustrating a word



-Dictation Sentence Benchmark

-Introduction to Commonly Misspelled Word List

-Review of the Writing Process

-Writing a Personal Narrative

IXL: Students should work to a score of 85 in IXL to earn a 100 in the gradebook. If students work to a score of 100, they will receive a 105 in the gradebook.

Secret Word: 4th Grade Rocks



Parent Volunteers: August 19th-23rd For Extended Care 3:45-5:00 Email me if you are interested. Location: Library

Auction Items - Things the kids might bid on with their Classroom Economy Dollars.

Parent Volunteers: May 18th-21st For Extended Care 3:45-5:00. Email me if you are interested. Location: Library